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Bithi wins over struggle &gets silver liningof life

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It is really painful to lose the loved ones. The mental situation of a wife cannot be stated in words after her husband passes away. Her life seems to be changed devastatingly after her husband’s death. Not only emotionally but also she gets broken financially. As a result the full family has to suffer and lead a miserable life.

It takes really long for a woman just to overcome the trauma, the pain of losing her husband. So it is quite impossible for her to take the financial responsibility on that moment. While this is the scenario in many cases, there aresome strong women whodid not just overcome the emotional and mental breakdown, they also took all the responsibilities to support their family financially very quick by struggling so hard. With different struggling stories of different people of our country, IPDC Finance Limited has shared Bithi’slife struggling story in their ‘BijoyJadughor Campaign’.

Bithi is a simple woman who was leading a normal life with her family in Jessore. But the sudden death of her husband left her traumatized and her life changed terribly within a moment. She fell in a great crisis along with her daughter. She didn’t have anything to feed her child and herself because her husband was the only earning member in her family. Still she didn’t beg to anyone. She has seen only difficulties in her life after her husband’s death, but still she didn’t give up.

She decided to stand on her own feet to fulfill her child’s daily needs and what she did next was really courageous and inspiring for the women of this country. After struggling a lot to overcome the mental breakdown, a lot of difficulties of the society,Bithi somehow managed to buy an ‘Easy Bike’, a battery-run auto rickshaw for leading a normal standard life. She has been moving from one side to another of Jessore with her easy bike and earning enough money to feed her family. Ever since Bithi has held the steering of easy bike, her life has become more facile with less difficulties. She’s now handling all the food and education expenditures of her children and herself by riding her easy bike.In this male dominated country,Bithi has shown the society how to keep our life cycle active. She did not care of this society if they take these things normally or not, if they pinch her or taunt her at her miseries. Though it is never easy to stop them still it is always better to do something on our own than begging from door to door.



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