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Samsung To Train Over 6000 Freelancers In Bangladesh

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Samsung’s R&D department, with help from the Bangladesh government,, has undertaken a massive initiative to train 6,170 freelancers in the country. Of these, 1,280 freelancers will be selected from district level and the rest will be from upazila level.

Bangladesh government has undertaken many steps to promote the ICT sector and training freelancers is one of them. Now, Samsung has come forward to help the government and has announced its plans to impart training to over 6000 freelancers across the country.

The training sessions will be conducted under direct supervision from the ICT Division, confirmed by Abu Nasser, PR official for the ICT Division.

Sources within the ICT Division told the media that Samsung had long expressed interest to work with the government, particularly the ICT Division and had also proposed to develop smart schools all over the country. The ICT Division expressed interest in building ‘digital schools’ and training freelancers. Samsung officials readily agreed to provide training and also agreed to discuss the possibility of digital schools in relevant forums before announcing any concrete decision.

As for training freelancers, 20 will be chosen from the districts from a special selection process and 10 will be selected from the upazila level. In order to ensure increased participation of women, the female-male ratio has been set at 50:50, concerned officials declared. A huge promotional campaign has been undertaken before the selection round begins in order to ensure as many people as possible can be notified of the training campaign.  The sessions will be run in phases across the country. Concerned authority opines that it will  be an intensive training session for those with a preliminary understanding of what freelancing is all about.

Freelancing as a medium of occupation has been increasingly gaining momentum in our country. However, since amount of advanced level work is still quite low and the ICT Division hopes that this initiative will help freelancers increase their expertise.



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