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BUET The Best In Asia In Robo Games

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The Tech Entrepreneurs Conference, TechKriti 2015, one of the largest in Asia, was recently held at Kanpur India from 19-23rd March. Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) organized the event and to mark the 20th anniversary of the conference, students from all over Asia attended the event with their own innovations. Several competitions were held at the conference including business projects, motor shows, software and hardware. Participants from BUET won in the Robo Games competition. With their very own robot, last year’s IRC Champions, team Exponential from BUET became the best in Asia. Aside from becoming champions in the International Autonomous Robotics Challenge (IARC), the first runner up of the competition were teams Tech-Club Fire Flies and ACDC from BUET.

The TechKriti Robo Games Competition was held in four sections which are, IARC, Wild Soccer, Maneuver, and Shuffle.  The most complex of these are the industrial application robot Shuffle and international autonomous robotic challenge. At the final round on 22nd March, the students from Bangladesh beat participants from India and Arab Emirates to become the best in Asia. However, such an achievement did not come easy for the Bangladeshi participants.

The selection round of IARC Bangladesh was held at the United International University campus in Dhanmmondi on the 20th of February, and was organized by the Engineering Student Association of Bangladesh (ESAB). By participating in the event 3 teams got the opportunity to contest in the final round. The teams are ACDC and Fire Flies from BUET and Kingkortobobemur from Shahjalal Science and Technology University. Two participants from the latter team could not participate in the event due to complications regarding their visas. And even after being the champions in IRC last year and receiving their tickets, the BUET Exponential team had some difficulty initially as they could not get sponsors and had trouble regarding taking leave from university. However, one week before they were supposed to fly, the former champions received Tk. 1 lakh from their championship which helped them to participate in the ‘Shuffle’ part of the robotic game competition and win. Hence, 22nd March was a day these two teams are bound to remember for a long time.

In the track wireless robot section, not only were they champions in terms of performance but the team ACDC from BUET were the runner up as well. The competitors for both Bangladeshi teams in this competition were 150 other teams from India and Arab Emirates.



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