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Career Camp 2017 embarks with knowledge

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IPDC presents Career Camp 2017 powered by Cooper’s Bakery took place on the 5th of August 2017 at the Ismaili Jamatkhana and Centre. This iconic event started off with a huge blast with the support of our enthusiastic crowd and exceptional speakers, the most important and successful people today.

Career Camp is a signature event of Don Sumdany Facilitaion and Consultancy. Inspiring corporate icons and leaders will be adorning the event as speakers. Rafiath Rashid Mithila (Head of Early Childhood Development, BRAC International; Actress), Rahel Ahmed (DMD, Prime Bank Ltd), Shahriar Amin (Head of Marketing, in a consumer good selling multinationals), Raquib Fakhrul Rocky (Managing Director , Munshi Enterprise Ltd), Tajdin Hassan (Head of Marketing, The Daily Star), Mominul Islam (Managing Director & CEO, IPDC Finance), Ahmed Pasha (Director, Strategic HR, Edison Group), Golam Raihan (Regional Sales Manager, Bangladesh/Srilanka/Nepal, P&G), G. Sumdany Don (Chief Inspirational Officer, Don Sumdany Facilitation and Consultancy) will be the speakers of the day.

Enriching us with their deep knowledge our speakers provided us with an insight about achieving greatness in one’s career.

  1. Sumdany Don spoke about hard work and practice. He said that, Geniuses are made and not born.Talent works to a small extent but what works the most is “practice”. If talent is not nurtured, it dies.”
    He shared his thought that each person is exceptional and can achieve greatness in whatever they do by hard work and perseverance.

Shahriar Amin, Head of Marketing in a Consumer Goods Selling Multinational Company, He shares his enthusiasm and passion with our audience and tells them that career is simply a journey through learning, work and other aspects of life. He emphasizes that each person has their own skill and must know what sets them apart from other people. His knowledge has benefited many people who are in search of their identity and passion.

Md. Tajdin Hassan another dynamic and young personality, shares his belief that dreams are our goals with a deadline. He says that one should always take criticism constructively and work hard to improve themselves instead of feeling discouraged. It is our effort and enthusiasm that will help the world to become a better place.

Mominul Islam, the managing director of IPDC Finance Bangladesh, started with the importance of knowing about the fourth industrial revolution which is mainly based on AI, nanotechnology, biotechnology etc. He emphasized on the top skills required in the future job market and the most demanding jobs of 2030.

Golam Raihan, Regional Manager of Procter and Gamble, Bangladesh/Srilanka/Nepal spoke exceptionally well at the event. The speaker suggests us to read the book ‘How to have a good day’ and ‘Grit’ to have a better understanding about the human mind and lead a good life. He also shed light on the importance of human brain in directing the way any individual behaves and shapes their future.

“Start somewhere, don’t leave it anywhere.” This is how Rahel Ahmed, the DMD of Prime Bank, tells the audience to stick to their passion. Passion is to be persuaded to accomplish your goals and perseverance is the key to great success.

Raquib Fakhrul Rocky, Managing Director, Munshi Enterprise Ltd. shares his thoughts about the difference between entrepreneurs and many people. He tells us that each person is their own identity, and to build up that identity you need to have passion. At the Career Camp, he tells us that it is very easy to give up but we must believe and be ourselves. One must adjust with the circumstances but they may never forget to be themselves.

Ahmed Pasha, Director Strategic HR, studied economics but he says that perseverance helped him reach his goals. He emphasizes that it is important in life to note what one is passionate about, whether they are able to work with passion and whether their work leaves an impact in the society.

Rafiath Rashid Mithila, an extraordinary woman who has not only worked as an actress but has a work life experience in Early Childhood Development. She talks about Never ever, ever giving up. The key to achieving success is to hold on to hope even in your darkest days.
She says that her road to success has been full of ups and downs but a positive mind leads to a positive life.

Better than expected, our Career Camp 2017, turned out to be one amazing event and Don Sumdany Facilitation and Consultancy hopes to deliver many more such opportunities to those who are interested in building a better future for themselves.



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