9:35 pm - Monday November 20, 2017


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2 TB WD wireless external HDD launched

2 TB WD wireless external HDD launched

In order to keep necessary data close to the user, World recognized brand WD brought a brand new wireless portable hard disk by the leading IT distributor company  Computer Source. This hard disk comes with 2 TB capacity and provides the facility to transfer data from SD card with its built in SD... read more »

Intel’s made a tinier, longer-rang...

Intel’s made a tinier, longer-range depth camera for phones

Intel’s been a huge backer of gesture control plus 3D scanning, and so far it’s managed to integrate its RealSense technology into select desktops, laptops, tablets and evendrones. The missing piece of the puzzle? Smartphones. But that’s no longer the case with Intel’s... read more »

High-tech TV: How realistic is the hacki...

High-tech TV: How realistic is the hacking in prime-time shows?

A group of five impeccably dressed high school girls are almost murdered dozens of times by the same, mysterious stalker and the police in their idyllic small town are either corrupt or too incompetent to care. How do the girls fight back? Hacking, of course. At least, that’s one way they do... read more »

Intel’s latest Atom chips are mean...

Intel’s latest Atom chips are meant for all of your connected devices

Intel’s latest Atom processors aren’t just for phones and tablets — they’re going to show up in many of the other devices you own before long. The chip maker has unveiled a new version of its Atom x3 (aka SoFIA) that’s designed to run Internet of Things gadgets, such... read more »

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150 Mbps 4G LTE voice-data modem supports Band 28 for Asia

u-blox, a global leader in wireless and positioning modules and chips, announces TOBY-L280, the first LTE Category 4 rugged module in an LGA package that supports FDD-LTE in frequency band... read more »


TAG Heuer, Google, and Intel Announce Swiss Smartwatch Collaboration

TAG Heuer, Google, and Intel have announced a partnership to launch a Swiss smartwatch powered by Intel technology and Android Wear. The effort signifies a new era of collaboration between... read more »


Computer Source Offered Spring offer in Laptop

This spring, Computer Source has slashing the prices from the Dell Laptops. In this offer, end-user can get up to 2 thousand taka for the selected 14 models of Dell laptops. In which,... read more »


Pure Acoustics Stylebox

Computer Source introduced a `Pure Acoustics Stylebox’ in the local market for sharing music with friends and family. It is set to redefine speakers by combining excellent sound... read more »


Tesla To Launch Self Driving Cars

Google has long been investing smart cars and from recent reports, it seems that Apple is planning to join the smart car bandwagon too. Now, Tesla Motors has also announced their plans of developing... read more »