4:01 pm - Monday February 19, 2018

CodersTrust Introduced Online Operation

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Freelancing has become incredibly popular in Bangladesh because of high salary levels, flexible working hours and the freedom to work on projects you are passionate about. The IT company CodersTrust has been training freelancers in Dhaka to upgrade their skills, to enable them to earn more money on freelance portals.

CodersTrust is currently offering live support, live office hours, online classes and video courses to everyone in Bangladesh over the internet. This online feature is the start of a new era of low-cost courses for the masses without sacrificing the proven quality of CodersTrust’s content. They are also offering their paid programs for free on a trial period so the students can get a taste of their platform and start working on becoming professional freelancers.

The self-paced learning style of online video lectures is more tailored to individual needs than the traditional classroom training.CodersTrust’s online educational program focuses on applicable skills freelancers need to be employed by international clients, rather than the academic content that is offered by local universities.

“Working as an online freelancer has a lot less to do with University & grades, and a lot more to do with what you can actually get done”, says Ferdinand, founder of CodersTrust . CodersTrust allows the students to build up a profile with ratings & reviews from different freelance sites. With a proven reputation, transparency and credibility it is possible to ask for a higher salary because people from all over the world have a reason to trust you.

“Our ultimate vision is to provide student finance to all freelancers in Bangladesh”, says Shakil Mahmoud, the Head of Operation. CodersTrust is currently funding students in Korail slum that would not have otherwise been able to pay for this level of education. But this is just the beginning. “With more students enrolling in the online program we will be able to roll out our financial service and build the trust to become a part of the online labor market”,  states Ferdinand.



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