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eGeneration pioneers blockchain revolution in country

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eGeneration Ltd., one of the IT consulting & software company of Bangladesh, organized a roundtable discussion titled “Disruptive Global Financing with Blockchain- Roadmap for Bangladesh”. Recently eGeneration has started developing artificial intelligence and blockchain-based digital investment platform for the Dubai based fastest growing crowd funding company Smartcrowd. The roundtable was held on Wednesday at the BASIS auditorium in Karwan Bazar of the capital.

Shameem Ahsan, Chairman of eGeneration Group chaired the roundtable. Mr. Mustafa Jabbar, honorable Minister of Ministry of Posts, Telecommunication and Information Technology was present as the Chief Guest. Mr. Shaukat Shamim, Founder and CEO of Youplus, Inc.; a serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist and technologist based in Silicon Valley and Mr. SM Ashraful Islam, Executive Vice Chairman of eGeneration Group and presented keynotes on the topic. Also  Shyam Sundar Sikder, Secretary, Ministry of Post & Telecommunication; Mr. Tapan Kanti Sarkar, President, CTO Forum; Mr. Wahidur Rahman Sharif, President, Bangladesh Call Center Association (BACCO); Dr. Jamal Uddin, Board Director, Bangladesh Bank were present as special guests.

Mustafa Jabbar said, the fact that eGeneration is providing blockchain solutions in Dubai, sends a message to the world that Bangladesh is capable of working with such cutting edge technologies. We hope there will be more companies like eGeneration in Bangladesh working to help establish the country brand. For any such technology that is useful to general public, government will provide full support. And I would urge everyone present here to conduct proper research to identify the ways Bangladesh can be benefitted from this technology so that Government can take this forward.

Shameem Ahsan said, “It is being said that the blockchain will do to banking what the internet did to media. Disruption is coming, from healthcare and remittance to banking, real estate and venture capital.  As cryptocurrency awareness spreads and investments in tokens grows, some are claiming that blockchain technology is beginning to disrupt and democratize the venture capital industry. Today, decentralized organizations are raising money from the crowd via initial coin offerings (ICO’s) and traditional companies are launching tokens and raising from the crowd via ICO’s. ”

Founder and CEO of Youplus, Inc. Shaukat Shamim said, Blockchain is the biggest revolution since internet, Bangladesh has an equal opportunity to participate in this global financial phenomenon.

Ashraful Islam said, “The world is changing fast. The technology environment we lived in 2017, will change a lot in 2018. Due to open access to data, copyright protection will face a huge challenge. Blockchain will play a big role in copyright protection. There are opportunities for blockchain in land record management in our country. The fourth industrial revolution will bring a radical change in our lives. If we fail to adopt to this change, we will be fall behind.

Other speakers said, R&D work should be done to test the application of Blockchain technology in various sectors of our economy. The roundtable is a timely initiative to introduce the concept to various stakeholders who could play a role in establishing a vibrant ecosystem of blockchain in the country and help to compete in the global market.

Blockchain is a safe and open method to store data. The process allows to store data in consecutive blocks, like a chain, and the data ownership is secured. The data stored in this method is safer as if anyone wants to manipulate the data, changing data of every single blocks becomes impossible.



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