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I’m Wen from Taiwan and I love Bangladesh

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Ami Bangladesh k Valobashi…  Yes I’m Wen from Taiwan and I love Bangladesh.

My name is Yen Chiao Wen and I’m a student of Business Administration Department of Ling Tung University Taiwan I have almost done my 6th semester there and came to Daffodil International University Bangladesh to complete my 7th Semester as Exchange Student.

I was working with an International Club in my university. One day I came to know about the exchange program of Daffodil International University and in a while I just think that this is an opportunity to achieve my desire goal. So I have contacted with my university and they give me some information about the scholarship and I applied for it immediately. After all the process, I got the scholarship and told my parents about this. First of all they didn’t agree to let me go as I’m a girl and going outside of the country is not safe as in Taiwan we have some bad information about Muslims and Bangladesh is also a Muslim country. After so many difficulties I convinced them and they let me come here. In Dhaka, one of my parent’s friends is living since 10 years. So they also convinced my parents and finally they let me go.

When I came to know that I’m going to Bangladesh, I just searched in Google! How about Bangladesh is! In Google, they shown some incident about terrorist and some other kind of information which is not good and my parents felt so tensed to send me here! But I showed them enough courage that I want to go outside of my country and I want to explore myself and they agreed with me! I had to go Hong Kong because in Taiwan they do not provide Bangladeshi visa. My brother helped me so much to get this all procedures and papers. Finally I got visa and ready to fly, ready to explore Bangladesh.

I just arrived in Dhaka, Bangladesh. When I came here, I was just so alone, I don’t know anyone here and I have no sim or internet. Then I used the Wi-Fi in the airport. Raihan Sir of International Affairs, DIU texted and got me. I just take a deep breath and come to my dormitory. In the next morning I visited my new university and met my Department Head Mr. Masum Iqbal sir. He is really a gentleman and provided all the information and course details. I took three subjects which is similar to my Lung Tung University. And then the most beautiful thing happened in my life, when Raihan Sir introduced me with a student Nahid Tabannun and he said she is my new buddy for this study period. When she asked me Hello! How are you? I just say talk slowly because my English is not good. Then we talked each other and time to time we became good buddies. She became not only my good buddy but also my best friend. Now I can share everything with her. She helps me in every situation and every time if I have any problem she comes here to accompany me to solve the problem. We cook food together, go outside and watch movies as well. The name of the movie we watched first is DOOB. First time I have seen any Bangla movie and it was quite great and different.

I really like my DIU life here. I feel I’m not alone here. I have a lot of friends those are very kind. Even I’m not familiar with them but when they say hello I feel good and never feel lonely. I really like the green campus of DIU. There are many playgrounds, green grasses and the golf field is really surprising.

I choose three subjects here Finance, English-1 and English-2. All the teachers are very helpful and dedicated. If I don’t understand anything they try hard to make me understand. I have joined DIU Business and Education Club and Social Business Students Forum. The club members are doing various activities such as developing Presentation skill, Public Speaking, different competition etc. Recently they organized a picnic off to Dhaka city where I enjoyed the monsoon rain, the nature and beautry which is really different then Taiwan and I can’t explain in word actually. I have heard that Bangladesh is a historical country and when I visited Panam City I have seen many old houses called Rajbari. But one thing I would like to say that the food of Bangladesh is really spicy. In Taiwan, we are not habituated by eating spicy food. So sometimes it is very difficult to eat here. I tasted QQ tea here which is very popular in Taiwan but here in Bangladesh the taste is so different.

My views totally changed about Bangladesh after my visit. Earlier I thought it is not a good country but the days I stayed here is really one of my best days of my life, best experience of my life. I consider Bangladesh as my second home. I would like to come here again to meet my best friend and the people. I will miss them a lot and never ever forget them. They will always remain close to my heart. The relationship between Taiwan and Bangladesh will be stronger in the future and I will encourage people to come over here and enjoy the beauty of Bangladesh. I can’t imagine anything that I’m going to leave my best friend here. I don’t know maybe in future we will meet or not but the memories we made together it will be unforgettable. I really want to comeback Bangladesh again and again.

The Writer is Yen Chiao Wen

Student of Business Administration Department

Daffodil International University



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