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Modex Smart Contract Marketplace Accelerates Adoption for Established Businesses.

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Aside from the many well-founded reasons that financial leaders everywhere are becoming increasingly bullish on Blockchain, we at Modex embrace banking, business, and political leaders across the world who value the possibilities that cryptocurrency and Blockchain offer.

Modex, a company facilitating the adoption of Blockchain as a new mechanism for expanding markets, offering financial access for hundreds of millions of people, and for creating wealth in new economic sectors and business verticals, we are energized by the vast opportunity that this new borderless financial system offers investors, business leaders, and consumers everywhere.

Our company is launching its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) later this fall to facilitate the launch of the Modex Smart Contract Marketplace (MSCM), a groundbreaking platform designed to connect developers and businesses and bring the benefits of Blockchain to the real world.

The Blockchain industry needs its own App Store to reach mass adoption, and that is what Modex provides a central platform that enables businesses to deploy smart contracts and Blockchain solutions in their various verticals.

The Modex Smart Contract Marketplace provides companies with the ability to deploy smart contracts in industries such as financial services (payroll, P2P, interbank, et.), insurance, real estate, rentals, retail, supply chain, ecommerce, and much more.

Modex is building on its existing fintech payment application, Moneymailme. The app will be used to deploy smart contracts and crypto currencies alongside traditional currencies to create a robust, borderless social payment ecosystem, which is in particular high demand in emerging and frontier markets across Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

Modex is actively building strategic corporate partnerships with firms and organizations that seek to implement Blockchain into their business environments.



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