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Above All Others, PQI Wins 26th Taiwan Excellence Award Brand Assurance, Product Capability and Quality

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A global leader in mobile peripheral solutions, PQI of Foxlink Group continues its award winning ways. After winning COPMUTEX 2017 d&i Award, PQI’s biometric fingerprint, My Lockey and pqireader have won the 26th Taiwan Excellence Awards hosted by Bureau of Foreign Trade. The three month evaluation period saw over one thousand products battle all out for awards with PQI products edging out the competition in the last few days. It goes to show the potential and quality of PQI products on the international stage!

The Taiwan Excellence Awards places focuses on R&D, design, quality, product marketing, Made in Taiwan (MIT) and innovation; all that coincides with PQI’s operation methodology”, John Wang, President at PQI said with optimism. In addition to the assurance judges offered to PQI products, the award further solidifies PQI’s unique insights to market trends and precise product strategies. Best example can be seen on PQI’s My Lockey, during R&D stages, it crossed various fields of hardware and software professions; first in the industry to delve into biometric technology and finding a niche market. While on the mobile technology application front, the idea of using fingerprint as your key/ password to access your personal data offered simplified access method while providing stringent protection. My Lockey has received rave reviews around the globe since its debut! The pqireader was created from a user point of view, focusing on “Cost-Performance” ratio. It offers a proprietary application software that can edit video/ audio files recorded by your phone. The single-button function is intuitive and convenient. With a selection of expansion storage capacities and certified by Apple, it offers users an excellent and never before experience.

PQI have always focused on the mission of developing core products to achieve “a serenity mobile lifestyle”. With proactive global positioning and a dare to challenge attitude, subsidiary offices can be found in the USA, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea and China. The generosity at heart and lively spirit of the PQI brand provides customization that meets local demands and offer practicality. At the same time, warranty and after sales services are guaranteed to satisfy our customers. Looking into the future, PQI shall take it one step at a time, continue to innovate and keep the passion burning bright in search of intelligent mobile lifestyle for a brand that represents young, energetic and natural infinity.



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