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WCIT 2017 Tech Carnival Parade

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The 21st World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT2017) is another great opportunity for the world to see Taiwan after the 29thSummer Universiade.  The event will be launched on September 10 in Taipei International Convention Center (TICC) and Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC), Exhibition Hall 1.  Furthermore, in order to promote the event and attract more companies, startup teams, and people to participate, the Tech Carnival Parade is organized.

The Parade is led by Shen Jong-Chin, Minister of Ministry of Economic Affairs and Chiu Yueh-Hsiang, Chairman of WITSA, along with Lin Chin-Rong, Deputy Mayor of Taipei City.  The Parade will be joined by guests from the ICT industry, tech & digital models, and children that represent the future of Taiwan.  The participants will be wearing t-shirts made by eco-friendly textile technology and coffee grounds, PUHU shoes, iGlitzs smart shoes, and riding YouBike and Gogoro, the icons of Taiwan’s green transportation.  Furthermore, giant glove puppetry figures that represent the fusion of technology and Taiwanese culture will also take part in the Parade.

tipieThe Parade will depart from East Gate Square of Taipei City Hall, via Xinyi business district, and arrive at the main stage in Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC), Exhibition Hall 1.  The Parade will demonstrate the dynamics of Taiwan as a smart island and the vision for future living.

Economic Minister Shen Jong-Chin, Minister stated that Taiwan is located in the subtropical region, power conservation and carbon reduction is a necessity for the island nation.  The introduction of green energy technology aims to leave a better living environment for the next generation.  The objective of the Tech Carnival is to showcase Taiwan’s ability of conducting sustainable development and facilitate the use of green transportation devices.  The world will be able to see Taiwan as a technology pioneer of Asia that determines to implement the method of sustainable development.

The return of WCIT to Taiwan after 17 years as its first stop back to Asia marks the significance of the island nation in the ICT development of the region.  Taiwan would like to take up the opportunity to demonstrate to the world how it has been living in its digital dream and is determined to realize it.  WCIT 2017 is linked with a selection of parallel events including the Tech Expo that consists with 700 booths of over 250 startup teams.  The objective is to connect the younger generation with the world and create another economic miracle by the introduction of digital technology.

Lin Chin-Rong, Deputy Mayor of Taipei City, stated that IT has become a critical tool to manage urban resources and environment.  Taipei as the pioneer of smart city, has been applying innovative technology such as IoT, could, big data, etc. into every aspect of its citizens’ lives.  The application of new technology makes live more convenient, and resources being more effectively allocated.   Furthermore, the efficiency and convenience brought by new technology to transportations, education, public management and services has helped the city to achieve its goal of implementing power conservation, carbon reduction and environmental protection.

WCIT 2017 aims to provide the first hand experience of smart living when upon the arrival of the guests.  100 thousand iTaiwan Wi-Fi hot spots are established along with the high coverage of TPE Free, and 1000 SIM cards and Wi-Fi hubs provided by the event sponsors.  The goal is offer seamless Wi-Fi connections for the attendees.  The Daily Telegraph praised Taiwan as the first place in the world that has widespread network of free Wi-Fi access points available for all tourists.  CNN even categorized the wide Wi-Fi coverage as one of the“10 things Taiwan does better than anyplace else”.

Moreover, anti-virus software “Dr. Safety” is provided to the guests to ensure their personal information is protected.  Instant interpretation app including “English Town” and “BEazy” are provided to ensure that there is no obstacle in terms of communication between the foreign guests and locals.

During the event, participants could use the “Tour Taiwan” app to easily find their ways around the island nation, the swipe card provided could also be used as an Easy Card and iPASS that allows users to make purchase in convenient stores.  This would offer the foreign guests a first-hand experience of Taiwan’s smart way of living.

The World Congress on Information Technology is the largest and the most reputable international IT event in the world.  This year WCIT 2017 will be held from September 11th to 13th in Taipei International Convention Center (TICC).  Leaders and industry representatives from around the world will participate in the event and discover the new trend for the development for digital era.  700 booths are set up in the Tech Expo to demonstrate Taiwan’s achievements and its significance in global ICT industry.



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WCIT 2017 is officially launched on September 11th at the Taipei International Convention Center (TICC)

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