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Lexer SSD at BD market

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Lexer SSD at BD market

Solid State drive of new technology has come to the hard disk to increase the speed of the computer several times. Tech Republic Limited has introduced several models of SSD drives in the market for gaming notebooks and advanced desktop PCs to stay ahead of the technological transformation.

One of the world-renowned brand, Lexar for the PC drive is such an SSD drive NM1M.2. This new generation SSD acts as a 3D NAND flash, primarily for advanced hardware players, e-gamers and professional graphics. The drive supports the PCIE (peripheral component interconnect express) Zen3x4 interface and the new non-volatile memory 3.0 Express.

As a result, better storage density than 2D flush will be found on the flush drive. The drive has a capacity of 20GB, 4GB and 5TB. With a maximum of three years of after-sales service, the Lexer SSD drive, has a price range of Tk. 5,200, Tk. 9,700 and Tk. 15,700 respectively..



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