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Does Tecno and Infinix use cheap hardware in their mobile ?

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Tecno Mobile and Infinix Mobility are tech companies that dominated most part of Africa and few part of Asia with their cheap mobile phones. These company compete against each other in the phone market although they are both owned and operated by the same parent company known as Transsion Holdings. They offer so much more compared to other competitors out there when it comes to price, but can we say the same thing about value?

Yes, price is the main determinant for most people when purchasing a new smartphone and Tecno and Infinix have win that part, but the standard and the authenticity of their products are being questioned by many phone buyers. Are their products good? Do they use standard hardware? Are their software optimized? These and many other questions were being asked by drawn customers that are interested in their smartphone products.

The truth is, to win the market in this part of the world your product must be cheap. As long as it is cheap most buyer do not mind. But there are still some of us that still question the standard of these product. Smartphone markets have become spoilt, to stay afloat, most of these companies reduced their price. Even Samsung is trying to compete in the low-segment, while Xiaomi and OPPO have become real contender.

The main determinant of price when it comes to smartphone fall into four categories, the display, processor, camera, and battery. These mostly determines what a smartphone will cost in retail or wholesale. Tecno and Infinix smartphones have these checked and somehow manipulated to make their price cheaper. For instance, the display used in most of their phones are LCD with poor resolution of HD (720p).

HD (720p) is the standard used in most LCD display that these Tecno and Infinix phones have, irrespective of the screen size, whether it be 5.5-inch, 6-inch, or 6.5-inch. For instance, the Tecno Camon 12, Camon 15, and Infinix S5, which are touted as mid-flagship, only comes with HD resolution, an area where Full HD (1080p) would have been better (although some of their “Pro” models comes with Full HD). Tecno (and Infinix also) chose to use HD LCD display panel in their upper and lower end smartphones as standard, something Samsung, Huawei, and even Xiaomi wouldn’t have done.

Furthermore, the processor used in these companies phones were not that up to the standard. What you will find in these phones are MediaTek chipsets, mainly quad-core. In some cases old octa-core MediaTek chipset like Helio P22. Although these chipsets can run some applications smoothly, when it comes to certain applications like PUBG or Fortnite or some high-end graphics intensive games, they will begin to stutter. The price that these phones are being sold justify these of course, but they can do better.

While most tech companies nowadays use UFS storage for their phones, Tecno and Infinix are still stuck on eMMC storage. UFS offers thrice or more speed of data transfer to and fro in a device compared to eMMC and makes a phone boot faster, and run faster. And that does not hinders the fact that DRR3/LPDDR3 RAM are still being used when the world has moved on to LPDDR4x RAM for mid-flagships. Of course, the average buyer does not know these.

Triple or Quad rear camera with poor lenses and small aperture does not equate to high quality picture, but most people are not aware of this as well, not to talk of the flimsy plastic body that their phones are made of. Tecno and Infinix does not operate in the premium segment, and their phones are incomparable to other flagships, even mid-flagships out there. So the next time you want to buy a Tecno or Infinix smartphone, know that you get what you pay for.



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